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Fire Extinguishers & Fire Sprinkler Systems in Newark, New Jersey

Keep your home or business protected at all times in case of fires with fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems from Allstate Fire Technologies in Newark, New Jersey.
Fire Sprinkler Water System - Allstate Fire Technologies Inc - Newark, NJ


Safeguard your family or your tenants with residential fire sprinklers from our fire safety experts. Fire sprinkler systems are required in all multi-unit residences, including apartment buildings and condominiums. NFPA13 R also requires inspections for all residences with three families or more.
Water System - Allstate Fire Technologies Inc - Newark, NJ

Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Property and real estate are some of the biggest investments you can make. Let us help protect your investment. Whether you own a warehouse, factory, or commercial building, we offer commercial fire sprinklers to protect your property and the lives of those who work there or are visiting. We offer inspections for peace of mind and to meet the requirements of the NFPA13.
Water System Maintenance - Allstate Fire Technologies Inc - Newark, NJ

Kitchen Fire Suppression

All equipment under the hoods of your commercial kitchen is protected with our kitchen suppression system. We provide installation and inspections of all systems, as NFPA17 requires that you have your systems inspected every 6 months.

Portable Extinguishers

At Allstate Fire Technologies, we carry a wide variety of portable extinguishers in different types and sizes for your specific needs. Not sure which one you need? Ask our experts!
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